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Computer Fundaments (Aditya Publication)


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Publisher Aditya Publication (2020)
ISBN 9789389884623
Country of Origin India
Format Paper Back
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Syllabus: Computer Fundamentals: UNIT–I: Introduction to Computer: History characteristics, classification of computer, block diagram of computer, Generations of computer, types of computer: Micro, mini, main and super. UNIT–II: Input/Output Devices: Input Devices: Keyboard, MICR, OCR, Bar coding, mouse. Output Devices: Printers, types of printers, dot matrix printer, laser printer, inkjet printer, VDU (CRT, LCD). UNIT–III: Memory: Memory cell, primary memory, secondary memory. Primary Memories: RAM, Cache, ROM family; Secondary Memories: CD, DVD, Flash Memory. UNIT–IV: Number System: Introduction: Types of number system, decimal, binary, octal & hexadecimal and their inter conversions code: BCD code, ASCII code, EBCDIC code, fixed point & floating point representation of number. UNIT–V: Programming Concept: Algorithm, flowchart, programming languages, assembler, interpreter, compiler. Programming process: Program design, coding, compilation, execution, testing, debugging, documentation, Structured programming, Features and approaches.



Language English
Pages 212
Weight 100 GM
Dimensions 1(l) * 13(w) *20.5(h) CM