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COMMUNICATION SKILL (Aditya Publication)


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Publisher Aditya Publication (2021)
ISBN 9789389271010
Country of Origin India
Format Paper Back
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Unit I: Comprehension over an unseen passage. Comprehension - A - word study :- Synonym, antonym, meanings, matching words, adjectives, adverbs, prefix and suffix, correct forms of commonly misspelled words, understanding of the given passage. Comprehension - B - Structure study:- Simple and compound sentences, types of conjunctions, singular and plural, tenses and their effect on verb forms. Use of - not only - but also, if clause, since, may, can, could, would, too etc. Active and passive forms, negative and interrogative, punctuation and capitalization.

Unit II: Theoretical background - importance of communication, its process, model of communication its components & barriers. Verbal communication, its significance, types of written communication, organization of a text (Titles, summaries, headings, sequencing, signaling, cueing etc.), Important text factors (length of paragraph, sentences, words, clarification and text difficulty). Evaluation of written communication for its effectivity and subject content. Non-verbal communication, types of graphics and pictorial devices.

Unit III: Specific formats for written communication like – business correspondence, formal reports, technical proposals, research papers and articles, advertising and graphics. Format for day-to-day written communication like applications, notices, minutes, quotations, orders, enquiries etc. Oral communications - Important objectives of interpersonal skills, (verbal and non-verbal), face to face communications, group discussion and personal interviews. Methodology of conduction of meetings, seminars, symposia, conference and workshop.



Category Books - Engineering - Mechanical - Semester-VI
Language English
Pages 144
Weight 200 GM
Dimensions 10(l) * 1(w) *10(h) CM