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DIGITAL TECHNIQUES -II (Aditya Publication)


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Publisher Aditya Publication (2021)
ISBN 9789389884043
Country of Origin India
Format Paper Back
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Digital Techniques-II

Unit-I: Multivibrators & Flip flops: Construction & working of Astable, monostable and Bistable transistorized multivibrators, RS, CLK RS, D, JK, JKMS Flip Flops (Logic diagram, Truth table, construction & working), Concept of edge trigger Flip-Flop, Concept of preset & clear terminal.

Unit-II: Counters: Asynchronous & sunchronous Counter, Up-down counters (Up to 4-bits), modified asynchronous counter, Applications of counters, IC vertion of counters – 7493IC & 7490IC.

Unit-III: Shift Registers: Types of shift registers, SISO, SIPO, PISO & PIPO registers (Construction & working), left shift-right shift, registers, IC Version of shift register – 7495, Application of shift register. Ring counter, Johnson’s counter.

Unit-IV: Memory: Concept of primary & secondary memory, memory hierarchy, Classification of memories, Floppy disk, Winchesterdisk, CD, DVD, Semiconductor memories: RAM, ROM, PROM, 26 27 EPROM, EAROM, EEPROM.

Unit-V: A/D & D/A Converters: Need of A/D & D/A converters. D/A converters: Weighted registers, R-2R ladder type, Specifications, IC version DAC0808. A/D converters: Counter type, successive approximation type, Specifications, IC version, ADC0808.



Category Books - BCA - First Year - Semester-II
Language English
Pages 135
Weight 100 GM
Dimensions 10(l) * 1(w) *10(h) CM