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DIGITAL TECHNIQUES -I (Aditya Publication)


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Publisher Aditya Publication (2021)
ISBN 9789389884852
Country of Origin India
Format Paper Back
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Digital Techniques-I

UNIT-I: Number System: Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal, Decimal to binary, decimal to octal, decimal to hexadecimal, binary to decimal, octal to decimal, hexadecimal to decimal, binary to hexadecimal, binary to octal, hexadecimal to binary and octal to binary conversions. Addition and substraction in binary, octal and hexadecimal 1’s and 2’s compliment method of binary substraction. Logic operaters and logic gates : OR, AND, NOT, NAND and EX-OR operators. OR, AND, NOT NAND, NOR, EX-OR and EX-NOR gates.

UNIT-II: Logic Families: Classification of Logic families, characteristics (Fan-in, Fanout, Noise immunity, propagation delay, power dissipation) construction and working of DTL, TTL, ECL, & CMAS Logic.

UNIT-III: Boolean Algebra: Boolean laws, Boolean identities, Demorgans theorems. Implementation of Boolean equations : SOP, POS, Simplification of Boolean equation using Boolean laws & theorems, simplification of boolean equation using K-map (Upto 4 variable K map).

UNIT-IV: Arithmetic Logic Unit: Half adder, Half subtractor, Full adder, Full subtractor, 4-bit binary parallel adder, subtration using 1’s & 2’s complement method, Controlled 4-bit parallel adder/subtractor (1’s & 2’s Complement), study of ALU IC-74181.

UNIT-V: Combinational Logic Circuit: Basics of decoder, 2:4 decoder, 3:8 decoder, 4:16 decoder, extension of decoder to demultiplexer, Basics of Multiplexer, 2:1 mux, 4:1 mux, and 16:1 multiplexer.



Category Books - BCA - First Year - Semester-I
Language English
Pages 132
Weight 100 GM
Dimensions 10(l) * 1(w) *10(h) CM