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NETWORK SECURITY (Aditya Publication)


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Publisher Aditya Publication (2021)
ISBN 9789388728256
Country of Origin India
Format Paper Back
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Unit I: Introduction: Security Trends, The OSI Security Architecture, Security Attacks, Security Services, Security Mechanisms, A Model for Internetwork Security, Internet Standards and the Internet Society. Symmetric Encryption and Message Confidentiality: Symmetric Encryption Principles, Symmetric Block Encryption Algorithms, Stream Ciphers and RC4, Cipher Block Modes of Operation, Location of Encryption Devices, Key Distribution.

Unit II: Public-Key Cryptography and Message Authentication: Approaches to Message Authentication, Secure Hash Functions and HMAC, Public Key Cryptography Principles, Public Key Cryptography Algorithms, Digital Signatures, Key Management.

Unit III: Authentication Applications: Kerberos, X.509 Authentication Service, Public-Key Infrastructure, Electronic Mail Security: Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), S/MIME.

Unit IV: IP Security: IP Security Overview, IP Security Architecture, Authentication Header, Encapsulating Security Payload, Combining Security Associations, Key Management, Web Security: Web Security Considerations, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Electronic Transaction (SET).

Unit V: Network Management Security: Basic Concepts of SNMP, SNMPv1 Community Facility, SNMPv3, Intruders: Intruders, Intrusion Detection, Password Management.

Unit VI: Malicious Software: Viruses and Related Threats, Virus Countermeasures, Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, Firewalls: Firewall Design Principles, Trusted Systems, Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation.



Category Books - Engineering - Computer Science - Semester-VIII
Language English
Pages 226
Weight 200 GM
Dimensions 10(l) * 1(w) *10(h) CM